5 Benefits of Eating a Raw Food Diet

There are a lot of benefits and great things about eating a raw food diet, but if you concentrate too much on the benefits and not enough on the food itself, you might find yourself losing interest or focusing on the wrong aspects of the eating plan. In the end, eating raw has to be about enjoying your meals – that has to be the biggest benefit of them all. If you don’t love what you eat, you won’t stick with it, and none of the other benefits will come through for you. But if you love eating raw, there are at least five benefits you can expect to see as a result of your new eating plan – you can remember them by reminding yourself of the benefits WE HAD.

W stands for Weight loss. By eating raw, you will more than likely see benefits that come directly from your waistline. Eating raw means less refined sugars, fewer carcinogens in your diet, and a reduction in empty calories. You will feel fuller, meaning you will eat less, and burn more of your energy.

E is for Energy. When those calories get burned by the body, people report that they feel more energized and bright, and as a result, can go further on a tank of fuel than they recall being able to do with cooked foods. Raw foods tend to contain more enzymes that sometimes get cooked off by traditional preparation methods, so you spend less of your body’s pre-existing energy reserves, leaving a surplus of energy for anything you need.

H is for Health. Those cooking processes not only kill of health-protecting enzymes, but leech away many of the useful vitamins and nutrients in food as well, resulting in mushy, less-useful foods. Raw foods give every health benefit directly to you, instead of wasting them in the boiling pot.

A stands for Alertness. Fresh fruits and vegetables offer a brightness in taste and energy that will give you a noticeable increase in alertness and attention, even while you are weaning yourself off of coffeeand other hot caffeinated beverages. To help, replace every usual cup of coffee or tea with a small fruit juice or blended smoothie, and you will find that you will be able to get over your caffeine addiction in no time flat.

D means Digestion. Those healthy living enzymes that usually die off in the cooking process are incredibly beneficial to the digestion process. When you ingest raw items, more of those enzymes get through into the intestines and assist with the breaking down of the food you eat, allowing your body to use less of its own reserves to work through your food.

These are only five of the numerous benefits you will find from eating a raw diet, but again, the biggest benefit will be the enjoyment of your new meal plans. If WE HAD the best selection of our favorite foods, this will be a diet you could follow for the rest of your life.