Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cysts Most Women Ignore Every Day (And How to Treat Them Naturally)

Ovarian cysts are formed within the ovaries during a woman’s reproductive years.

They can occur at any age and range widely in size. They can be as small as a pebble or becomes as big as a plum. These cysts are the result of an accumulation of fluid within the thin ovary wall.

If an ovarian follicle is bigger than two centimeters then it happens to be an ovarian cyst. Ovarian cysts cause several symptoms like:

  • irregular menstrual cycles,
  • pelvic pain,
  • breast pain and tenderness, 
  • swelling,
  • bloating,
  • pelvic pain before and during menstruation,
  • heavy bleeding during menstruation,
  • heaviness in the abdomen and pain when passing stool.

The main causes for cysts are hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, certain medicines taken to treat infertility, hypothyroidism, breast cancer and cigarette smoking.

Herbal Remedies for Ovarian Cysts


This herb is extremely powerful and may treat almost all kinds of gynecological issues. It controls the menstrual flow, alleviates the pelvic pain and forces the ovarian cysts to shrink. It has diterpenes which decrease the oestrogen hormone production in the brain, and thus promotes a hormonal balance.


Licorice has amazing healing properties which enable it to bring your hormones back to normal and keep them balanced. It can stimulate the function of the adrenal glands and many recommend it as the best and most effective treatment for ovarian cysts.

How to use licorice for ovarian cysts

You can buy licorice at any local store and it’s pretty cheap. Pour some water in a pot and put the licorice in it. Bring the water to boil and leave it on high heat for about 5 minutes and then set it aside. Leave it to cool off and strain the liquid. Drink the beverage twice a day.