SHOCKING TRUTH BEHIND THE LABEL ON FRUIT: Learn how to recognize the fruits that you should avoid


Have you ever wondered what do the labels on favorite fruit you buy? Read this article and find out all about it!

Maybe you’ve never even thought about what actually are the labels with numbers that are on the fruits, but we certainly did.

Edible are


The first thing we learn is that the fruit labels actually edible! They need to be removed? Yes, of course! But, if you happen to accidentally eat some, not a big deal. They are made of edible “paper”!

If the label is the 4-digit numbers that start 3 or 4 …
quiz_image5655855512480 (1)… It means that the fruit produced in the second half of the 20th century and it is very likely that for his growing used fertilizers.

If the label of 5 digits beginning with 9 ..


… It means that the fruits grown in the traditional way – is organic and its cultivation are not used pesticides and fertilizers. Fruit with these labels is the best choice for shopping.

If the label of 5 digits starting with the number 8 …
quiz_image56558556eea3c… That means that this is the fruit of genetically modified and that they should avoid it. Be careful when purchasing any fruit with this sticker!

Everywhere is the same combination of numbers



For example, all commonly grown bananas are the number 4011. Wherever you go, in any part of the world, the numbers on the labels are the same.

Who is behind this?

quiz_image565db3d884003It all began in 1949 when the association was founded to produce marketing
the purpose of taking advantage of new technologies for packaging and development in style
self-service shops, to promote. Since then, the agribusiness grew, and with it, the Association of Marketing.

Originally it was intended to expedite the receipt of goods in supermarkets, but now
the labels are used as the indicator of quality of goods and helps to reduce costs for poor monitoring products which have already been distributed.

More Info

quiz_image565db489f2ef0Do not look for the first digit of 8 or 9 on the code of 5 digits. (Note that the 8 or 9 only add in front of code that has 4 digits).

For example, if you buy an avocado with code 4221, you can see it is classified as a small avocado, which is grown in the eastern part of North America.

Every detail matters

Information for codes is not complete that customers need to have. Still, it’s nice to know that it is only intended to provide information that is useful for agribusiness and supermarkets that provide a real benefit to your customers.